JOY & HOPE Youth Programs

The Youth Programs of JOY and HOPE are the lower level Youth Programs of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese.  The St. Nicholas HOPE ranges from children K-2nd grade.  The JOY program includes 3rd grade - 6th grade.  

Our JOY and HOPE meet every other week during the school year at St. Nicholas.  We are focused on offering an environment of faith, fun and learning.  Children will have an opportunity to learn about the Orthodox Faith in group conversations with Fr. Demetri and the advisors, where they can ask questions, participate in activities, and come home with crafts.  We set aside time to learn the hymns of the Church and include several fun games and other fun events.  

Please contact the church office if you are interested in signing your children up for JOY and/or HOPE.

Our advisors are:  Anna Stavroulakis, Maria Sioutopoulos, Despina Arlotta, Darlene Sarris and Reena Foundas.

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