Greek School

St. Nicholas Greek Afternoon School


The Greek School of St. Nicholas focuses on teaching our students about the language, culture, heritage and faith of their ancestors.  Our school boasts wonderful teachers and administrators who care deeply about their students and their education as Greek speakers. The students are enrolled in classes that average 7-9 students so there is ample time for discussion and learning on a 1-on-1 basis with the teacher.  In addition to learning in a "traditional" sense, students enrolled in our school will have constant exposure to Greek folk dance and songs, including Church hymns as well has ethnic music.  Our dance teacher will prepare the students to preform at our annual church dinner dance as well as our annual festival.  We are also looking forward to our dance groups performing at local venues and shows.  

A new element to our Greek School is the introduction of the interactive Ellinopola software.  This interactive software/program is displayed for the whole class to see, and the teacher and students take advantage of the "sights and sounds" of this remarkable program!  

Our Greek School offers regents credits for students who have aspirations for College.  The regents class will give your students college credits for a fraction of the cost.  We also offer adult Greek classes to accommodate parents who cannot speak Greek.

If you are interested in participating in Greek School or any of the affiliate programs, please call our Principle, Evgenia Kotroni at 631.704.2603 or our Church Office for details!



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